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    Resolved Gene Teigland

    I've been able to use the video field to upload and render video (.mp4) in MB Views but I am not able to do with audio (.mp3). It only provides the filename and link.

    1. I tried the Video field for audio but only shows the file name and link.
    2. I can't seem to find any field that renders the audio using MB Views.

    Here's a page to view that demonstrates my issue:

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    Long Nguyen


    You can use the <audio> HTML tag to embed sound content on your page. Read more on this documentation

    Gene Teigland

    Thanks that put me in the right direction. For those who want details here is what I did below in TWIG and it works well:

    {% for item in post.upload_audio %}
        <audio controls="" autoplay="" name="media"><source src="{{ item.src }}" type="audio/mpeg"></audio>
    {% endfor %}
Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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