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    Hi there,

    I have a woocommerce shop and have the following requirements:
    1) Add multiple locations (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht) to the website from where the customers can purchase the products.
    2) I would like to add a taxonomy to woocommerce products to be able to filter the products on the location pages
    3) I would like to add the location name within the url structure.

    I would like to set up a page for each location with the following information:
    Business name (custom field)
    address (custom field)
    images of location (custom field)
    Most sold products (taxonomy filter)

    My question is: what would be the ideal solution to accomplish this? Should these location pages be a custom post? Or should it be a taxonomy archive (similar to woocommerce product category archive)?

    Furthermore: I would like to have the following url structure for the locations:

    For the location pages:

    For the product pages:

    For the product category archive pages: (only products with taxonomy in product checked)

    For the checkout pages:

    So how can I add the custom post into the url structure?

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Jan,

    I think you should use the custom taxonomy for the product instead of creating a custom post type and create a connection between 2 post types (product and location) with MB Relationships.

    Using the taxonomy, you also have the support of WordPress by using some built-in functions and easier to query posts.

    Regarding the permalink structure, a post type has the default permalink If you want to customize the permalink for the CPT, please follow this topic

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