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Support MB Custom Post Type Breadcrumbs Not Recognizing Parent/Sub Page Relationship (Only with CPT's).

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    I have about 800 pages on my site, and about 150 of them are Custom Post Types made with Metabox.

    Breadcrumbs work fine on the rest of the site, following the proper structure home>page>sub page and worked on these pages with the exact same URL structure and urls BEFORE I turned them into custom post types.

    Now, as a custom post type home>customposttype>customposttypesub breadcrumbs appear as home>customposttypesub.

    It skips the parent page entirely in the breadcrumb. It's wrong. My breadcrumbs are supplied by RankMath - everything works perfectly there and everywhere else. It MUST be custom post type related, please do not pass this off to RankMath - I tried.

    Please, let me know why custom post types would skip the parent page in breadcrumbs.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    MB Custom Post Type extension just helps users to create a new CPT visually instead of using the WordPress function register_post_type(). It does not do anything outside from the WP documentation.

    Following the support discussion from Anh Tran with you via Facebook chat, I think the issue comes from the single page and archive post type page when they have the same slug. It relates to how did you set up the page and post type, not coming from the extension itself. You can also deactivate Meta Box plugins and register the post type by using the code and re-check the issue.

    If you are feeling tough to customize your site, you can create a service request, our developers will help you with an extra fee.

    Refer to our support policy


    Fixing this seemed to be as simple as checking "has archive" in the advanced tab of the CPT.

    It seems to be working. I feel like we had that unchecked for a reason though - is anything wrong with this setup? If the fix was this simple, I'm amazed you don't know your product very well.

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