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Support General Can a Taxonomy using select_tree have a different placeholder in each hierarchy?

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    There's something I'm working on that I need some help with. I have a taxonomy using a select_tree field type, and it seems to inherit the Select2 library. Say I have a simple taxonomy where the parent is a state, and a store in that given parent state is set as a child term. The select tree is then 2 select boxes. I'd like to have the first say something like "Select State," and the second "Select Store."

    The problem I have is a placeholder I set like "Select Store" is set for both boxes, and I'm having a great difficulty in changing one or the other. Is it possible to set different placeholders for a term in the hierarchy from the options provided by the Meta Box framework?

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Sean,

    Because both state and store (child term) are terms of the taxonomy name Store so the placeholders of select tree field type only support to show the text "Select a Store". But thanks for your idea, I will create a feature request to support showing the different text for child terms.


    Thank you for the consideration!


    I have also been searching for a way to implement this but with no luck. Has this been added?

    Thank you.

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