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Support Meta Box Group Can Groups work with Group Extension disabled?

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    Resolved E. Martinsen

    Hi! I have created some meta boxes with Builder the Meta Box Group extensions active. I have used the "Code" tab to grab the php to put in my theme file, but when I disable the bundle, the group no longer works in the WordPress admin area. Does the extension need to be active for groups to work? I was hoping the code would work independent of the extension, like the builder itself. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks!

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Martinsen,

    If you are using the extension MB Builder to create the field, you don't need to copy the code generated then add to the theme file. After creating the field with MB Builder and Save, it helps you implement the code automatically which means the field will display when editing the post.

    If you still want to use the code, you have to activate the extension Meta Box Group for groups to work. For more information, please follow the documentation.

    E. Martinsen

    Ah, okay, no problem. These boxes are going into a theme for a client site. I was hoping to just use the builder to make the boxes on my local environment, then copy the code to the theme so the client only needs to activate the base plugin, since they won't be creating any meta boxes more once I hand it over to them. No worries, I will make it work without the groups. Thanks for the response!

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