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    Hi MB team,

    I'm facing an issue, i've created a set of user MBs for user (all is set to user profile) and wanted to display them on a register form.

    Nothing too hard, but everytime i put the [mb_user_profile_info] or [mb_user_profile_info id="inscription"] ("inscription" is my actual mb-id), i have a message displaying : Cannot create user with an empty ID.

    any clue ?

    I'm working locally with last WP version, default theme (for the moment) and nothing but MBAIO activated.

    Thanks for your time, effort and for your wonderful plugin btw.


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    Anh Tran

    Hi Kevin,

    I've just checked and don't see the message. Have you updated to the latest version?

    Also can you check if your meta box contains any field with ID email? This field coincide with WP user field and might trigger the create user action (it doesn't trigger in my test, but maybe in yours).


    Hi Anh,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    Yes, versions are up to date (MBAIO 1.6.18 and MB core 4.15.9), and no, no fields with ID email (both email fields i got are med_email and med_confirm_email).

    Here's my exact process :
    - create a quick theme, nothing but basics (wp_head(), wp_footer() & jQuery ok )
    - Created couples of mb with mb builder
    - Assign them to user type, it's ok and they show up in user profile in WP admin
    - create a post with [mb_user_profile_register id="inscription"] shortcode => message show up "Cannot create a user with an empty login name."
    - replace code with [mb_user_profile_info id="inscription"] (as i am connected, i thought it could be a reason ) => message show up "Cannot create a user with an empty login name."
    - remove id="inscription" from the shortcode [mb_user_profile_register] => show only message "Cannot create a user with an empty login name." and register button

    I am trying to create a register form with some custom fields, and a edit profile page where registered user can change their info.

    Thanks again 🙂
    have a nice day

    Anh Tran

    Can you take some screenshots and/or videos? I have no clue why it shows the message :(. Here is the guide to take screenshots and videos.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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