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Support MB User Meta Change message Your username already exists.

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    Hello, I am using MB User profile and when the user try to register with user/email that exist so I am getting the next message

    "Your username already exists." or "Your email already exists."

    My questions are:

    1. Is possible change this messages?
    2. The fields are blank so the user should fill again all fields to try other username o email. So is possible taht fields are fill with the initial data? can you understand me?

    Thank you in advanced

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    Long Nguyen


    1. It's not possible to modify the message by coding but you can use a translation plugin to translate the text to your language.
    2. Yes, I see it's not convenient for users to re-type the information. I will create a feature request for the development team to support this case.

    Thank you.

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