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Support MB Frontend Submission Choose an image from the gallery as a cover image in MB Frontend Submission

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    Is it possible to choose an image from the gallery or upload a new photo as thumbnail? That is, right now just let me upload an image.

    But I would like to click the button to open the window to add images to the post. For good or upload an image or choose one already from the gallery.

    It's possible?


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    Hello, sorry, Is my question well understood?


    Anh Tran

    Hi Sergio,

    Yes, your question is clear. I've been thinking about the solution, and I found one.

    The idea is changing the field type for thumbnail from image to single_image. Please follow these steps:

    • Create a folder mb-frontend-submission in your theme, inside that folder, create a sub-folder post.
    • Copy the file thumbnail.php from the plugin's templates/post/ folder to the post folder above.
    • Replace the content of the copied thumbnail.php with this code.

    And try again.

    Please note that, in order to open the media popup, your users need to log in and have proper capability. See how to add capability here.


    Ohhhh many many thanks!!!! It run very well!!!!

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