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Support General Clients can move the metabox from below content to the sidebar, how to block?

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    I've set a custom field group to appear under the content, but users in the Block Editor are able to reposition the field group to the sidebar by accident. Then they can't find the fields because they no longer match my documentation.

    How do I keep an author-role user from being able to move the metaboxes around when editing a post?

    Now they are in the sidebar, not where they are expected to be

    Me field group settings

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    WP 5.5 with Gutenberg plugin active

    Thanks for your help,


    Long Nguyen

    Hi Pieter,

    The feature sorting and dragging the meta box has available a long time ago in both editors Classic and Block (Gutenberg). You can use the plugin Unsortable Meta Box to disable this behavior.


    that plugin still works, thanks!

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