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    I have a probelm with the content field in the frontend form when I activate the plugin yoast seo or the plugin seopress...
    If I don't have any of these two plugins activated, it looks perfect:

    but if I activate one of these two seo plugins, I look bad:

    I don't understand what relationship or conflicts they may have. At first I had seopress and it looked bad. I deactivated it and saw that the fault was seopress because without this plugin I looked good. Then I looked for an alternative to seopress, and I installed yoast seo, and I see that by activating this plugin, I again have conflict with the content in the frontend ...
    Obviously I have more plugins and none creates conflict.


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    Anh Tran

    Hi Sergio,

    Let me check that issue and will fix the plugin if possible.

    PS: If you are looking for a good SEO plugin, please try Slim SEO, which is developed by us.


    ohh perfect!! I will use your plugin!! Many thanks!!

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