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    Resolved The Dude

    I have created a couple of custom post types and for each of them I´ve created a couple of (custom post type) posts.

    In the settings for each custom post type I have set the following option to true:
    "Whether post type is available for selection in navigation menus."

    But when I go to edit the navigation menus (Appearance>Menus) the created custom post types are not shown in the list to pick pages / post from.

    Only the following are shown:
    - Pages
    - Posts
    - Custom Links
    - Categories

    I have tested it with multiple clean installs and the issue occurs each time.

    Is this perhaps a bug?


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    Long Nguyen


    I didn't see an issue like that on my end. Please re-save permalink settings and follow the Debugging Information step here to troubleshoot this issue.

    Let me know how it goes.

    The Dude

    Hi there,

    I tried to save permalinks over and over.. unfortunately without any luck. The Custom Post Types do not show up in the navigation menu settings.

    Now I have tried to change the slug from singular to plural. Automatically Metbox will use the singular name.

    So I have changed the slug from "boat" to "boats" and "tourist-info" to "tourist-infos" and "tour" to "tours".

    AND you know what, know these show up in the navigation menu.

    Now there is another problem though, all the custom post types posts (boat 1, boat 2, etc) are now gone. They don´t show up als posts under the "Boats" menu.

    When I change the slug back to singular, the posts are there again... but now the custom post types don´t show up und navigation menu.

    I wonder if anyone else has noticed this behaviour...?

    Long Nguyen


    Did you create pages or something have the same singular slug boat, tourist-info? It might not work properly if there are two pages that have the same slug.

    Another way, you can use a different slug and move posts to that slug by using this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-type-switcher/

    The Dude


    Thanks for your reply.

    No, I did not create posts, pages or other CPT with similar slugs.

    To be absolutely sure I´ve created a blank / fresh WP instal.
    The standard Theme installed, NO other plugins installed but
    - Metabox, Version 5.4.1
    - Meta Box AIO, Version 1.13.13

    Then I created a new Post Type:
    - Plural name: Boats
    - Singular name: Boat
    - Slug: boat (automatically filled by Metabox)

    Then I checked the Appearance, Menus > Add menu items.
    No luck, only Pages, Posts, Custom Links, Categories are available.

    Then I went back to the created Post Type > Boats and changed the slug from "boat" to "boats".

    Checked the Appearance, Menus > Add menu items again... AND now the new Post Type (Boats) is shown!

    I have made a screen recording, so you can see for yourself:


    Long Nguyen


    You can also check the post type Boats is enabled in the Screen Options tab https://share.getcloudapp.com/5zuY5RYk

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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