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Support Meta Box Geolocation Drag-n-Drop Map Pin, Reverse Geocode, Address lookup from coordinates

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    Hello-- Just checking if there is a built-in way to allow a user to drop the pin on a map & reverse geocode to lookup the corresponding street address? I don't think there is, but just checking in case I missed it.

    I have a Google Maps address autocomplete field & corresponding map. However, my users are getting confused because they are able to move the marker Google Maps marker pin but when they do they're expecting it to update the address field. (I understand why it doesn't, but they don't ?)

    #1 - Is there a built-in way to handle the reverse geocode/address lookup?
    (I'm playing with ideas using Reverse Geo API, but not sure what element/event to watch to get confident results when a pin is dropped)

    #2 - Is there a way to disable the drag-n-drop of the marker pin?
    (I can't find it in Google's docs - I can disable dragging on the entire map, but not for the pin only)

    #3 - Anyone else have suggestions or ideas on how to handle this confusion for users?


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