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    I have a file upload field, using the code below:


    This was working fine, until I updated to

    MB 5.2.1
    MB AIO 1.10.0

    Now, the file upload does not work. On saving the post, everything is fine, except teh file upload field, which is empty.

    Can you assist please?


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    Just to add to this,
    I have all debugging on, and nothing is showing on-screen or in the console. Have also tried the old 'disable all other plugins' thing and it definitely seems to be an issue with one or the other plugin.

    Anh Tran

    Hi, this bug was fixed here. Please try it.


    Great, thanks.
    Will there be a plugin update I can apply? I could add that manually, but if the official update is coming soon, I'll wait.


    This is not resolved. You have put a fix in a repository somewhere and the core code is still broken.
    There is no official update, so any of your existing software distributions are broken.
    You have given no indication of when to expect the official update, so now I'm going to have to hack your code to get this to work so that my clients can get on with building their site.
    It's really quite disappointing given that we are paying for this product. It's also the second time that an update has broken previously working functionality. The last time it was URL fields.
    What assurances can you provide that this kind of thing won't happen again? We paid for the full Metabox suite in order to speed up development, but instead I find myself chasing down bugs that you have introduced and hacking core plugin code because you still haven't released an update 9 days after releasing a fix. 9 DAYS!!! Come on!

    Anh Tran

    Hi, I'm very sorry to make you feel bad. We're finalizing some issues today and will release a new version now. We're trying my best to prevent such bugs to happen again and that's why it takes some time.

    The reason I marked this topic resolved is just for tracking the issues on the support forums. So we know if there's any bug that we haven't fixed yet (this is similar to Github issues).

    Please understand. Thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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