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Support MB Relationships Filter for appearance in MetaBox admin?

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    Resolved danny


    I'm running into an pretty specific issue with the relationship plugin that I can't seem to solve. I've looked at different 'solutions' I found with googling, or in your official documentation but I'm stuck.

    Problem description: For a client I'm making a website which has a custom post type 'company', which has a relation to default post posttype. I can make a relation easily from post to company using the meta boxes available. But, the problem is; some company's are added twice, one for a 'free' profile, one for a 'paid' profile, yet, the title of the company remains the same. I'm using Advanced Custom Fields to add a toggle to the company page to tell if its free or not.

    So, with that in mind I tried to use a filter to loop through the title field, check if the toggle field is checked, and output the title in the admin relationship box with an addition [free profile] (for example). But I cannot find a filter that does what I need.

    So what I want eventually in the admin box;

    Company title X
    Company title Y
    Company title Y [free profile]
    Company title Z
    Company title Z [free profile]

    Could anyone help me a push in the right direction for this? I've looked at examples, filters, but none seem to do what I want, which I think shouldn't be this hard.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Danny,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    The plugin MB Relationships does not support changing the post title base on a condition. For simple, I think you can create two company posts with subfix -paid or -free for easier to select without any condition.

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