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    How can I revert an extension back to a previous version if I am seeing an issue with an update? I don't see anywhere in the account to download previous versions of extensions. I am looking for the last version of Meta Box Group.

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    I would like to +1 this question. I am looking for a way to get to a specific version of the MetaBox AIO extension. A reply (even if it's "no, you can't do this"), would be great. Thanks!

    Long Nguyen

    Hi there,

    We want the user/customer to use the newest version of any plugin, get new features/options and bug fixing so the older version is not supported.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience.


    Hi, this is a really strange thing to force on customers and could potentially cost them money as well as valuable time.

    While it is the responsibility of the site owner to take backups before updating plugins, there are many, many, many people who do not do this.

    Denying us access to previous versions means that if an update breaks the site, and a backup was not made, we have no recourse other than to wait for support to help.

    This could take hours, or a day, or sometimes it might take 3 days.

    Please allow your customers to download previous versions of an addon (AIO especially). We can roll back the core MB plugin no problem because it's in the repo, so why are we denied access to previous versions of the tools we have paid for?

    Long Nguyen

    Hi meta_gecko,

    Thank you for using our plugin!

    Here is the previous version of Meta Box AIO which includes the previous version of Meta Box Builder (removed)

    This link is available for a few days and will be removed.


    Hey, thanks for that, although I think you're missing the point.

    We should not have to rely on a reply to a forum post if we need to roll back a version of a premium plugin.

    As you stated above, the link will be removed after a few days. The point is that as paying customers we should have permanent access to previous versions from within our account area for as long as we have an account with you.

    Please reconsider your current standpoint. As customers we also want to have the latest version installed, but only if it works. If there is a problem we should have the option to roll back until the problem is resolved without needing to wait at all.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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