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Support MB Custom Post Type How to Format Datetime in Oxygen Builder?

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    Tobias Haas

    Dear MB Team,

    How can I change the format of the date?

    Standard is 2021-08-02
    i want: 02.08.2021

    I get the date from Dynamic Data in Oxygen


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    Tobias Haas

    And how can I set the time to UTC + 1?

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Tobias,

    You can use the setting js_options to change the date format, such as

    'js_options' => [
        'dateFormat' => '',

    If you are using the Builder, please use the option Date picker options

    Get more details on the documentation

    Tobias Haas

    Hi Long

    Your documentation would be much better if you showed a lot more examples.
    for me as a beginner it is a torture ...

    And how can I set the locale?
    I want to display the days in German language.

    thank you for your help 😉

    Long Nguyen


    To display the date in the German language, you need to follow these steps:
    - Set the site language in Admin dashboard > Settings > General > Site language: German
    - Set the timestamp to true
    - Use the function date_i18n() and follow the documentation to output the localization date.

    It might be complicated for the beginner but Meta Box is a developer tool, it helps you to output the raw value. So you need to have a basic knowledge of coding to display the value in any way you want.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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