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    I create a listing website.
    To do that, I created a custom post "listing" with custom fields. One of them is the email, I named it email_agent.

    On the listing, I have included a contact form.
    I want the form to be sent to the email of the author of the lidting, namely email_agent.

    I don't see how to get this email.

    I tried the form of elementor but there is no dynamic email.
    So I tried fluent form pro. With this plugin, I can send the notification to any email on the form {xxx} with xxx as variable.

    I tried to follow your tuto :
    And I used {rwmb_meta( 'email_agent' )} but it does not work.

    I don't see what to do.

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    Long Nguyen


    It is possible that the form does not support executing a function inside the curly bracket. Please try to contact the form support to ask for sending emails with custom field value.


    Thank you.
    Indeed, I contacted them and they have a shortcode to pull the meta from the custom post: {embed_post.meta.email_agent}

    So, as a feedback, fluent form pro ca pull your meta and they have shortcodes which work in their form.

    Best regards.

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