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Support MB Elementor Integrator Image custom fields no showing in Elementor image widget.

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    Resolved Ghislain Malardier

    I have some custom fields 'Image" I need to show in the Elementor image widget. Unfortunately, when using a single image widget, the image is not showing. (It does work when using the Elementor Galerry image widget. )

    Is there a known issue? The website is brand new, and only has Metabox (AIO) and Elementor pro installed with the Hello theme.

    While I'm here, how can I display a clonable group custom field? It only shows 'array, array...' right now. If it's not a 'group' field, it is working, but not when is a group.


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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Ghislain,

    The setting multiple of the field type image is always set to true that means the field value returns an array so it does not work with the widget Image of Elementor.

    You can use the field single_image if you want to show in the widget Image.

    Regarding the cloneable group, it is more complicated than the normal field. There is no way to output the subfield value in the builder, you need to create a shortcode to show the subfield value. Get more details on the documentation

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