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Support MB Elementor Integrator is there a limit on the number of MB dynamic tags available in Elementor?

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    Anh, hi!
    I'm using MB Settings Pages & Elementor Integrator.
    I've got 17 custom fields on the settings page (split between 2 tabs.)
    When I'm in Elementor & using dynamic tags, on the dropdown list of available MB custom fields, I don't see all 17 fields. I see only about 15 of them.
    Is there a limit on how many MB custom fields are available in Elementor?
    Or a limit on how many are available per settings page?
    Do I need to create more settings pages & distribute the custom fields across the different settings pages?


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    Anh Tran

    Hi James,

    There's no limits on that. That's a weird thing and we never do that. Probably it's something else.

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