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Support General Is there a way to populate posts / fields importing from Google Sheets / Excel?

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    Hi guys,
    I can see from a separate thread that unfortunately there is no integration between Metabox and WP AllImport and seeing as it's been 4 years since it was requested it doesn't sound like that will happen.

    So, my question is, is there an alternative? Is there a way / method / plugin that Metabox devs can recommend for importing posts and fields from google sheets of excel?

    I was looking to build a new project using Metabox, but I have nearly 1,000 posts of data in google sheets, that I wanted to import as a custom post type. I don't want to have to input these manually. If this is not possible to do with Metanox then I will need to use either Toolset or ACF (and CPT UI) instead.

    Many thanks in advance for your assistance,


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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Keith,

    There is an article that shows you how to import posts and custom fields (simple field) from Google sheets and WP All Import. Please find it here


    Hi there, may thanks for replying and also for the link to the tutorial.

    Unfortunately that tutorial doesn't really help - it works as a 'one off', but the whole point of what I am looking to do is to get a simple integration setup which I could carry out on a daily basis (to update a set of data which will change every day). The tutorial you have sent is a work around, but not something that could be carried out regularly (which is why a full integration with WP AllImport would be better).
    So in this case I will need to use something other than Metabox for my project. But thank you again for the suggestion.

    Have a great day,

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