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Support Meta Box Group Issues with default values and other settings for fields in groups

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    I have a series of groups within tabs that are saving to custom DB tables. I am specifically using groups because I need to clone the fields a few times within each tab.

    I cannot get the 'std' setting to work for hidden fields and I cannot get the save_format setting to work for dateTime fields or date fields.

    Additionally, I cannot get the delete button to work for a file field. Reference this ticket: https://metabox.io/support/topic/file-field-not-force-deleting/

    All plugins are up to date as of 2019/11/14.


    Thank you!

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    Anh Tran


    Can you please check this docs on setting default values for group's sub-fields?

    Regarding save_format for datetime fields, if fields are inside a group, then the Meta Box Group extension will bypass it, e.g. the values of sub-fields are not processed. This is a technical challenge and we're trying to make it work.

    I'll check the delete file issue and answer you in that topic.


    Hi Anh,

    It must be some issue with the group being within a set of tabs, but I have tried all of those methods of setting the default value and it works in the tab outside of the group, but not in the group that is also in the tab.

    The handlebars around the 'group_title' are not working either except for the {#} in all other cases, it prints that actual handlebars to screen as a string.

    The full code is here if you want to do some testing: https://bit.ly/2CXk8Ne

    I can bypass each of those issues for now, the real issue is with the file delete. I'll follow up on that one in the other thread.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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