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Support General Latest Update 4.15.0 has some problems – Buttons field, maybe more

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    Initially when i tried the update, it returned an error saying the update had not completed successfully, however the version number has updated.

    The I noticed that the buttons fields were all broken.

    The buttons now render as:

    <i class="dashicons dashicons-images-alt2"></i> Add Image

    If I look at the source then it seems that the html opening and closing tags are being sanitized.

    <i class="dashicons dashicons-images-alt2"></i> Add Image

    I have not checked too deeply in other places, but this is quite irritating. Do you know what has gone wrong?



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    urgghhh, and the code pasting in this forum doesn’t work properly!

    killing me.

    Here is a screenshot


    Anh Tran

    Hi Guy,

    Thanks for the bug report. I did escape the content of the button groups :(. It’s fixed here.

    Updated: Version 4.15.1 has been released with this fixed.

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