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    I have a handful of Meta Boxes created to use with different custom post types. Things have been working great and I LOVE Meta Box. Today I was changing some things in my theme and noticed that one of my Meta Boxes was appearing on all the different post types in the admin. I double-checked the Meta Box settings and it was correctly only assigned to the one post type it was created for.

    By re-saving (merely clicking the save button) on the Meta Box setting page, the issue has gone away, but still concerning. Disaster would be if all those custom fields got assigned to the wrong post or post type and the data was actually lost or otherwise screwed up.

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    Tan Nguyen

    Hi Memaddog,

    Thanks for reporting that bug, we can make sure that Meta Box Builder never touch to your exists custom fields (the only thing it do is create Meta Box). Can you please send me the exported file of that meta box to so I can fix that bug asap 🙂



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