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    Hi there,

    My apologies in advance if this is out of the scope of support, but I was wondering if you could help me out with creating a custom field for a multiselect date field.

    I came across another topic in the forum ( about it, and while it pointed to some great resources, my PHP skills aren't advanced enough to get the field to appear in the meta box, let alone save the dates into the database.

    I got as far as creating the extended Class and enqueuing the MultiDatesPicker ( js and css files, but now I'm stuck on how to get the actual calendar to appear and save the selected dates to the database.

    Is there any way that you could provide a sample code snippet to get me on the right track, or offer some advice? (Better yet, adding a new field to the core plugin for multiselect date would be amazing!)

    Again I apologize if this isn't covered by support!


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