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Support MB Views No support for spaces in text?

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    Resolved Henri

    Hi Metabox,

    I've just created a MB view and I'm having trouble with combining text with variable values with a space in between. If you first add text and then a space followed by the variable value, it doesn't display the space. However, when you first add the variable value and then the space followed by the text, the space is being shown. I've created a short screenrecording of the issue:

    Please advice, how I can solve this.

    Kind regards, Henri

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    Long Nguyen


    I've tried to reproduce this issue on my local site but it still works as well. The space before and after the variable always shows. You can also try to use the HTML entity of space  , just like text {{ variable }}.


    Hi Long Nguyen,

    Thanks for checking the issue and your suggestions. I'll take a look if I can solve it that way. I'll also try on a clean installation first.

    Kind regards,


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