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Support Meta Box - Beaver Themer Integrator Number field with value of "0" returns empty

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    Resolved Craig Paterson

    Hi there,

    I have created a numeric field called "dogs" which I want to use to display how many dogs are allowed to stay in a property. When I enter 1, 2, 3 etc it works perfectly well, but when I enter 0 (zero), the field shows as empty when rendered on the front end.

    I am using the following shortcode – [wpbb post:meta_box field='dogs']

    I have tried changing the field to a Text field, but the issue is the same.

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    Long Nguyen


    I do not see that issue on my end, screen record

    Craig Paterson


    Thanks for showing me it working at your end. I have recorded a video showing what is happening at my end. I am using the shortcode in a Beaver Themer Layout, so I don’t know if that is the issue.

    WordPress: 5.8.2
    Beaver Builder:
    Beaver Themer: 1.4
    MetaBox: 5.4.8
    MetaBox AIO: 1.15.2

    Long Nguyen


    I'm using
    Beaver Builder Pro:
    Beaver Themer:

    Using the shortcode to get the post meta value might not need Meta Box. You can try to contact Beaver support to ask for help with this case.

    Craig Paterson


    I have already made contact with BB, as the same issue happens with Advanced Custom Fields using Beaver Themer 1.4. If I change to Beaver Themer, everything works as it should.

    Thank you for your guidance and help.

    Best regards,

    Craig Paterson

    I have received info from the Beaver Builder team that they have added "better expression support in Beaver Themer 1.4", so this means that in a number field, 1 = True and 0 = False.

    They now recommend the following for displaying the 0 instead of returning false…

    [wpbb-if post:meta_box type='number' name='number_dogs' exp='not_equals' value='']
    [wpbb post:meta_box type='number' name='number_dogs']

    Just thought I would share that in case anyone else requires it.

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