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Support Meta Box Geolocation Only auto populate neighborhood field if not empty

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    I have a field for the neighborhood. Sometimes google will return a neighborhood value for an address and this will autopopulate because the field ID auto binds:

        'type' => 'text',
        'name' => __('Neighborhood', 'psych-info'),
        'id'    => 'neighborhood',

    The issue is when google does not return a neighborhood value, then this field is cleared of any existing value. I know I can change the ID to prevent the auto-binding, but maybe this could be improved?

    I can think of a couple of workarounds:

    1. add a fill bind_if_empty flag in the plugin:
          'type' => 'text',
          'name' => __('Neighborhood', 'psych-info'),
          'id'    => 'neighborhood',
          'binding' => 'neighborhood',
          'bind_if_empty' => false,  //default true

      bind_if_empty might also accept a secondary field to bind if the first field is empty:

      'binding' => 'neighborhood',
      'bind_if_empty' => 'sublocality'
    2. Allow the binding to be filtered by a function

    I am happy to extend the plugin. If so, is there a private repo I can submit a pull request to?

    P.S. There is a typo in the Features section on the extension's page:

    Auto popular all location fields when user enter an address

    should read:
    Auto populate all location fields...

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    Update: I have added a working bind_if_empty. Please me know how best to submit a pull request.


    Two weeks and crickets... The following changes would need to be made to include the
    'bind_if_empty' => false, //default true
    idea described above.

    File: js/mp-geo.js
    Line: 85

    var $this = $( this ),
        dataBinding = $ 'binding' ),
        dataBindEmpty = $ 'bind_if_empty' ),
        addressField = $ 'address_field' ),
        fieldValue = that.getFieldData( dataBinding, place );

    File: inc/class-meta-box-geolocation.php
    Line: 97

    $binding = isset( $field['binding'] ) ? $field['binding'] : $this->guessBindingField( $field['id'] );
    $bind_if_empty = isset( $field['bind_if_empty'] ) ? $field['bind_if_empty'] : 1;
    $address_field = isset( $field['address_field'] ) ? $field['address_field'] : '';
    if ( $binding ) {
                $begin .= '<script type="html/template" class="rwmb-geo-binding" data-binding="' . esc_attr( $binding )
                . '" data-bind_if_empty="' . esc_attr( $bind_if_empty )
                . '" data-address_field="' . esc_attr( $address_field )

    Would be fantastically 2019 if there was a magical way to submit a pull request.

    Anh Tran

    Thanks for your help!

    I've sent an invitation to you on Bitbucket, so you can have access to the repo and open a PR!



    Thank you. PR has been submitted.
    Issue may be marked as resolved.

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