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Support General Possible Meta Box plugin would deactivate itself?

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    Resolved brandonjp

    Yesterday client called because their site was having trouble. When I checked it out, the core Meta Box plugin was deactivated. I am the only person with plugin management capabilities. Is it possible that something would have caused Meta Box to deactivate on it's own?

    Last Wednesday, we ran updates to WP core (from 5.5.2 to 5.6) and to all plugins (including all MB plugins) and everything was working fine until Monday at 3PM.

    I'm trying to track down what happened and how to prevent it. I've checked error and access logs and can't find anything that seems to indicate anything abnormal (although, maybe I don't know what to look for!)

    Any advice is appreciated! Thanks

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    Long Nguyen


    A plugin can be deactivated in these conditions:

    • Manual deactivation
    • Failed plugin upgrade
    • Remove or rename the containing folder
    • Changing the active plugin list in the database

    So maybe the plugin has been activated the option Automattic Update (WP core) and it has not updated successfully on that time and deactivated itself.

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