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    I'm having a problem with the post metabox. I use it with the select advanced option, so the search will check in the related CPT. It works so far.

    The problem is, I have a relation with a CPT which has over 5000 entries. So I had to add tp the select advanced a max post per page at 20, else the browser doesn't support the amount of informations added to html.

    Problem is, the first letter works fine, but after that, the data aren't refreshed to match my research. An example :

    I'm looking for "Verdun". After the first "V", the select will load 20 entries from the CPT with the "V" letter inside it. When I continue my typing, I get "Ver". The search isn't done once more, so it will only check in the 20 matches of "V", which has little to no chance to have the right result.

    How could I have the select to go search for fresh results on each keyup please ?

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    Anh Tran

    Looks like the problem with the select2 library. Do you see the problem if you load fewer entries (500 for example) and no limit on the displayed result? I tried searching and found only this result but it's not 100% the same issue.

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