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    Resolved Igor Gouvêa

    Hello Long

    I have already tested several plugins that print or convert the custom post to PDF.

    So far I just thought it would do that with ACF.

    Do you recommend a plugin to do this.

    Because everyone I install does not find the custom fields in the custom post.

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    Long Nguyen


    I see a plugin that converts the post to PDF as well, find it here https://www.welaunch.io/en/product/wordpress-posts-pdf/.

    Igor Gouvêa

    Hello Long,

    I bought the plugin two days ago. Today, After several interactions, the author of the plugins has assumed that the plugin does not work with yours.


    “ Our plugin does not seem to work with your Meta Box AIO custom post types. Sorry, but please make a refund request yourself via codecanyon ”


    Do you see another way to print the view? Please give me hope, all that is needed to close the project.

    Apparently his plugin works only with ACF (like others I found). Did the community ever need to print a view? do you remember any case?

    Have you considered developing this extension? it would be a very important extension for the future, think about it

    Thank you

    Long Nguyen

    Hi Igor,

    I've not seen any case like this. Does ACF have a feature to create templates like Views to print to PDF? You can use the helper function rwmb_meta() to show the field value by coding then print the post as well.

    I also inform the development team to consider adding a new feature to support this case.

    Igor Gouvêa

    No. This plugin:


    It only supports ACF. How to show as images:


    In addition, the plugin's Author said in response that his plugin does not support Meta Box AIO. That is, it does not print our customized posts.

    If there's anything that can light my way, tell me. How do I print my post?

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