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Support General Querying Cloned Fields in Oxygen Repeater

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    Is it possible to query cloned fields in the Oxygen Builder repeater (3.9 Alpha 1)? I put a cloneable text field in a Field group because I noticed the repeater has an option to pull from a Metabox Group, and then I cloned the text field twice and put data in all three text fields. Problem is, when I select this group to query in the repeater, it only queries one div instead of 3. Also, I don't see a way to properly insert the data of each individual field dynamically.

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    Long Nguyen

    Hi Kevin,

    I've also experienced this issue with Oxygen 3.9 Alpha 1. It does not support getting the field value that is a subfield in a field type group and cloneable. You can report this issue to the Oxygen development team, this version is for testing and they will work for the official release.

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