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    Hi Anh Tran,
    First at all, congrats for your wonderful job with these plugin suite.
    I have purchased the group extension to add multiple dates on en an event custom post.
    But after studying the data stored in the database, i notice that meta values are stored in a single object row for each post.
    So my question is how to search by a specific meta value in the front end (ie search post with a specific event date). I don't think there a wp_query solution.
    Is there an option to store the cloned meta values in multiple rows ?
    Many thanks

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    Anh Tran

    Due to code architecture, the values of clone field is always saved as a single row in the database. Saving values in multiple rows make users confused with fields having multiple attribute. I wrote a documentation about this here.

    I think there's no ways to query posts directly based on the value of cloned field. Maybe get all posts and filter them via post meta?

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