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Support Meta Box - Beaver Themer Integrator Short Codes in Beaver Themer variables

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    Mark Tenney

    I am having issues with some of the modifying things in shortcodes with MB. For example, this shortcode shows the staff department field, which is a taxonomy, but it shows the taxonomy as linked.

    [wpbb post:meta_box field='staff-dept']

    I tried adding something like link="no" to the field (which is how I've done with ACF) but it's not taking? is there a list of working with short codes in Themer somewhere I can look at? Variables that I can add?

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    Having TON of issues (including this one). And since I can't find a link to post new topic, I'm going to at minimum mention what going on with my site(s) here:

    MB Relationships - Fatal error: Cannot declare class MB_Relationships_Table, because the name is already in use in /var/web/site/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mb-relationships/inc/database/class-mb-relationships-table.php on line 12 - CANNOT ACTIVATE

    MB Custom Table - not working (and won't update to 1.1.7 from 1.1.6). Server error message example: [19-Jan-2019 12:47:13 UTC] WordPress database error Table 'bonsai-dragonish_wpmudev_host.Activity' doesn't exist for query SELECT * FROM Activity info WHERE ID = 22 made by include('wp-admin/edit-form-advanced.php'), do_meta_boxes, RW_Meta_Box->show, RW_Meta_Box->is_saved, RWMB_Field::call, RWMB_Field::raw_meta, RWMB_Table_Storage->get, MB_Custom_Table_Cache::get - TABLES CANNOT BE CREATED

    uhh, FIELD DATA NOT APPEARING! via Meta Box - Beaver Themer Integrator 1.3.0. Yeah, that's a BIG ONE.

    Sorry for posting on this thread, but I can't find a link for a new topic post anywhere, and the site links are acting weird to begin with. But I'm completely dead in the water, and after have spent 2 days rebuilding my main site to try and isolate what the hell is going on, and at my wit's end, I'm in need a little help in return for my lifetime license (and don't understand where I'm supposed to go to get it from Meta Box). Sorry for the rant, and thank you.


    Mark Tenney

    Sam, I had a similar issue finding a way to create a new thread. You have to drill down into a forum category before you can post a reply. I kept expecting to find a submission form on an earlier page.


    Thanks, Mark. I opened 2 separate posts for my MB Tables issue and my MB Relationships issue. I'm going to stay tuned to your post in case it's related to my issues, but will post separately if it's not. What a day!



    Anh Tran

    Hi Mark,

    The shortcode in BB is a wrapper version of rwmb_the_value() helper function. For terms, it returns a link to that term. And there's no extra arguments at the moment. We'll try to improve that later. It's might be a nice improvement for not only terms, but also posts, users, images.

    @Sam: I'll answer you in your topics.

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