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    Resolved Akram Ul haq


    My client want to give user options like this.

    In metabox or term meta admin can create fields with UI like text field select fields etc ...

    Now in front end custom form I would those showing those fields with custom form. Like getting category fields options and printing form html fields. If user chooses other category I would shoe fields of that category only.

    In same way like metabox plugin does in backend I want to achieve that in front end with my own custom form.

    Let me know plz ?


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    Akram Ul haq


    I just want to achieve it like metabox io does in backend I want to do in my own form in front end side.

    The reason is this is a directory type plugin so users will need fields to comeup with.

    I hope my query is clear by now if you need any further assistance to understand my query lrt me know ?


    Long Nguyen


    Thank you for getting in touch.

    Meta Box supports showing the fields on the frontend as it works on the backend through the MB Frontend Submission shortcodes or MB User Profile shortcodes. You can read more on the documentation

    For your custom forms, I'm afraid that there are no options to do that. It's beyond the scope of the plugin support.

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