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Support MB Blocks Some Block Settings keep jumping back to default

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    Resolved BucketPress

    Using meta box builder to set up blocks, the following 2 fields under the settings tab keep returning back to default selection, unless I reselect my intended options before each block change and save:
    - Category: Layout
    - Render With: Code

    After selecting Category: Widget, and Render With: Template file, and pressing 'Save Changes', all settings are saved as intended.

    However, if I need to make any changes to the blocks' custom fields under the Fields tab, I realise that I have to re-select the Settings's 'Category' and 'Render With' fields again, before saving the block, if not these 2 fields keep returning to the values of Layout and Code respectively.

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    Long Nguyen


    Thank you for your reporting.

    We've also fixed this issue in a new commit, please wait for the new version of the extension Meta Box Builder.

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