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Support Meta Box Group Some group fields are not saved for the first default group

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    I have a set of fields for a cloneable group but, some of the fields(the 3rd-6th fields) will not save if the field(s) belong to the first default group. The field(s) are saved, if I create a new group and set the field(s) for that group.

    1) Using the metabox field definition below, Select Section Type = 'Recipes/Posts/'
    2) Enter a URL in the 'External Entry URL' field (the 3rd field of the group)
    3) Save the post.
    Result: the External Entry URL field is blank, and is not saved.

    If I create a new group, and enter a URL in the new group, it is saved. (as well as fields 4-6).
    I'm using Meta box 4.15.9, Meta box group 1.2.17 and Meta Box Conditional logic 1.6.4

    Here is the meta box definition code.

    Thanks for you help,

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