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Support General Suggestion: Extension to clone posts

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    Hi Anh Tran!

    I have using MetaBox on a lot of projects and now, one more time. But in this time, I'm developing a e-commerce using WC and I found a specific necessity: clone pages where meta data is recorded in custom tables. Why?

    Well, imagine that in e-commerce to do A/B test and create flash sales is a normal activity. So, sometimes is necessary to make small changes in homepages and rollback after some hours or days.

    Another times create variations of a landpage to delivery more specific context to customers changing some details, is too a normal practice.

    With this in mind, re-build a page each time that you want to create a variation is a hard work. One extension to clone posts would be a great idea. What do you think?



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    Anh Tran

    Hi Jeff, there are many plugins that help you duplicate posts. I'm not sure if they work with data from custom table, though. Probably you need hook to these plugins and write some code to copy the fields.

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