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Support General The "Meta Box" way to disable Autocomplete & Autofill?

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    Do any Meta Box users have a preferred solution for disabling browser autofill and autocomplete on forms?

    Is there a "Meta Box" way of adding autocomplete = off to the entire parent <form> element? (Currently, I'm doing this with custom JS)

    Adding a custom attribute to the individual input of autocomplete with value off or false usually works for most general text inputs (but does not work for address fields).

    It's most frustrating on address/geo/google-maps fields when the browser suggestions cover the Google Maps suggestions
    browser and google maps autofills competing in Chrome

    For address fields, adding autocomplete = new-password works most of the time:
    meta box custom attribute autocomplete new-password

    There are so many mentions of this issue across the internet. This Stackoverflow ticket has a good variety of various situations:

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    Anh Tran


    I see you already have solutions for that by adding autocomplete attribute for the fields, don't you? I think that's a good way to fix this issue on Chrome.


    Is there a way inside Meta Box Builder to add an attribute (like autocomplete="off") to the entire form ?

    Anh Tran

    Unfortunately, it's not possible, since the form is not created by the plugin. The form is created by WP, so I think your solution here is the best one if you want to add autocomplete attribute to the entire form.

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