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Support Meta Box Group Updated to latest metabox group plugin (1.2.17)... having issues

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    Resolved fexy


    I've tried updating our mb group plugin to the latest version, 1.2.17 and Meta Box to 4.15.9 and I am experiencing the following issues:

    1) Adding a new group, when the existing groups are collapsed, opens the existing groups. Then the existing groups do not open/close all of their fields making the collapse option useless and confusing.

    2) The group title is now blank, rather than the title of one of the group's fields (works fine with 1.2.15 version)

    3) There is a new 'Remove' group text link but it doesn't do anything.

    4) The original red delete group button deletes the group without any confirmation, which I thought 1.2.17 was to have implemented.

    Thanks for help on this.


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    p.s. I should also note that the fields that don't hide/show when the group is expanded collapsed (issue 1) are 'hidden' when a radio field (part of the group) is on/off. We're using Meta Box Conditional Login v 1.6.4.

    Here is our metabox definition code:

    Anh Tran

    Hi Lynne,

    Did you see any JavaScript error in the console?


    Hi Anh,
    Strangely, but happily when trying to reproduce the issues today, the code is working just fine. I must have had some sort of caching issue or other issue that has been cleared up.
    Thanks for you support,

    Anh Tran

    Glad to hear that. Let me know if you see anything buggy.

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