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    I have a custom post type (and custom fields) for some questions. (They are part of a survey for all the 50 states in the USA).
    I have another custom post type (and custom fields) for States. In this custom post type, there will be a score given for each of the questions. I would like to use the field data for the questions in the other custom post type as a field description in the States CPT.

    Example: A state post of Texas has a place to score each question. I want to display the questions as the description for the score. So on the State, Question 1 I want to display that question as the description for Score 1. Question 2 for Score 2. Etc.

    Is there a way to do this? I couldn't figure out a way.

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    Long Nguyen


    It's not possible to use the field data/value of a CPT to show as the description of another field of another CPT like that.

    I think you can use the extension MB Relationships to create a connection between two CPTs and show the field value of the connected post on the frontend.

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