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Support MB Frontend Submission wc products list into tabs using Meta box tab with MB Frontend Submission

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    Resolved calpaq

    Dear Support,
    I have a custom requirement. I want to layout a form in 3 tabs, 1 st tab will be having products list for just selection second & third form will have questions in the form of inputs. I have started with MB frontend submission and tabs plugins

    I have some questions
    1) The list of products in the first tab breaking layout (using twenty seventeen theme, and plain woocommerce products archive)
    2) submit button is out of tabs can I make next button for each tab so & validate on next before going to next tab
    3) on submit I do not want to save the input but use the info to add a dynamic product

    Can you help me in this
    Thanks & Regards,

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    Anh Tran


    Thanks for asking great questions:

    1) Can you please post a screenshot of the broken layout? And perhaps the code that you use to create fields?
    2) The submit button is for the whole form, so it's out of the tabs. To make it like switching tabs, I think the only way is using some custom JavaScript. Are you familiar with coding?
    3) You can hook to rwmb_frontend_after_process to run your own function which adds a product. Please see this docs for more info:


    Thanks for reply, I will keep working on it.

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