Meta Box has just updated the totally new licensing system for users with a lot of changes. This update will bring you more convenience and advantages, so please spend your time reading this post. After trying this new system, don’t forget to let us know your feedback!

Meta Box New Licensing System

With the new licensing system, you can create multiple licenses for each subscription or one-time payment. This is especially suitable for agencies. Thanks to that, an agency can create “sub-licenses” and manage the number of websites they want. Each license can have its own limits by the number of websites.

For example, an agency with a Developer Bundle or Lifetime Bundle license can create a license for a client and limit that license to only 1 website. So the client can’t use it on other websites. This makes sure the client has to come back to the agency for updates/maintenance in the future. That’s a win-win for both Meta Box, agencies, and clients.

We have migrated from the previous licensing system to the new one, so your existing licenses will work without any modification. Moreover, you can view and manage your license as well as the websites based on each license on your My Account page.

Use the New Licensing System

The New Interface

Now, when you visit your Account page on, you will see some changes.

In the old system, there is only one license key that is used for all of your sites:

Just one license key on old Account page of Meta Box

But on the new Account page, there is no license key. Instead, there is a link to view the licenses:

The change on the new Account page of Meta Box

Manage Your Licenses

Click View Licenses, and you will find a page to manage your licenses like this.

View Licenses allows users manage licenses.

  1. That’s the default key license. You can regenerate it by clicking Regenerate in the area (4).
  2. The Limit column shows the number of websites users can use Meta Box with the corresponding license. If it shows “0”, it means that you can use this license for unlimited sites. Click Edit to change the number of sites.
  3. It shows the number of active licenses.
  4. Click Manage sites to see the details of your active and blocked sites.
  5. You can create a “sub-license” by entering the number of sites you want for it and then click Submit. For example, this is my new sub-license and I can use it for 10 sites. And from the licenses that you create yourself, there are Delete buttons in the Actions column.

example of creating a “sub-license”

I’m using a Lifetime license so the note at the bottom announces that I have unlimited sites left. This note tells you how many sites are left based on the limits of your license.

Manage Your Sites

After you click Manage sites, you will see this interface. Here you can remove the licenses on any sites, or block them to avoid them using Meta Box.

Manage sites allow you remove the licenses, or block them to avoid them using Meta Box.

What do you think about our update? Please share your opinions by leaving a comment under this post. Try the new licensing system now and let us know your feedback!

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