Nowadays more and more people choose to shop for things online websites instead of going to brick-and-mortar stores. Online businesses are growing with the increasing popularity of online shopping. However, the growth of cybercrimes with this revolution is not hidden from anyone. Even famous eCommerce like Amazon fails to apart their consumers from cybercrimes. According to a recently published blog "Beware these scams on Amazon Prime Day" reveled that Consumers should proceed with caution for shopping on such websites, as scammers are looking to steal the customers' data and payment card details. Despite having the prominent security measures, e-commerce and their users are becoming victims of cybercrimes.

If you're running an e-commerce site or online advertisement, you eager to know which are the primary features of a website that allure customers to shop from? So, here's a breakdown of a few features that every consumer wants from e-commerce.

A Few Facts to Review While Choosing a Website for Shopping

User-Friendly Website

Whenever users land on a website, they are supposed to have a pleasant experience while searching for their desired products on such a website. Most of user-friendly websites usually have some features like simple navigation, readable content, one color scheme, better utilization of white space, compatibility with all browsers, and live chat. Make sure to develop these characteristics on your eCommerce for providing the best user experience. You can use platforms like Zyro to create an e-commerce website with all of the SEO features included and quick loading time.

To enhance your website design, you should choose a beautiful WordPress theme. There are many eCommerce themes on the market, you can choose the best one here. However, don't forget to read the theme review before choosing it.

Quick Loading

The load time of a website plays a vital role in holding consumers onto a website. Recent studies show that websites that take more than 3 seconds for loading generally have a high bounce rate. Users bounce to other websites when their visited page taking too much time for loading. The reason behind such a phenomenon is that the user's attention span decreases quickly. For a quick loading, remove all the extra elements that have been not in use for a long time e.g. large-sized videos and other multimedia stuff.

Free Shipping

Shipping charges are always felt like additional money to pay and they usually disappoint the users. Most of the carts are abandoned when shipping charges are applicable and, physical stores always take advantage of this drawback of e-commerce. Around 68% of carts are abandoned due to the shipping charges and it has become the leading deterrents to e-commerce transactions. Therefore, try to offer free shipping on the orders that cross a given outset for a shopping cart total. Moreover, promote this feature on your website home page and other web ads as it can allure several customers to buy from your eCommerce.

Security Lock

Websites that intend to sell something must have a security lock, as financial transactions are taken place on such websites. SSL certificate is installed on e-commerce for the security of data as it is a protocol that encrypts every bit of information exchanged between a web user and a web server.

Security lock - A Fact to Review While Choosing a Website for Shopping

Usually, sensitive information like Credit Card Number, Identification Number, Bank Detail, email ID, and Address Proof is exchanged on e-commerce. Cybercriminals are always looking for stealing such information so in such cases; this encryption technology helps to keep away cyber crooks.

Nowadays, people have awareness of cybercrimes and they consider a security lock before buying anything. Thus, without wasting any time install an SSL on your store right now. Currently, there is a cheap SSL provider that can offer cost-effective SSL as per requirement naming SSL2BUY for your e-commerce. Cheap SSL from SSL2BUY will have all the features that your website security demands. It'll not only protect your e-commerce but also boost web ranking and conversion rate.

Prescribe a Return and Refund Policy Clearly

Many times, consumers order the product, but after the product is delivered, they don't like it. In such circumstances, they want to return the product and a refund for it. If it doesn't so, it disappoints them, and they never shop again from the same e-commerce because they feel cheated. So never keep your customers in the dark about your return and refund policy. Always show such policies on each product page so that consumers have aware of your policies before purchasing anything. In that way, they will not feel cheated.

Advance Payment Methods

In the era of Google pay and Apple Pay, no one can get apart oneself from their advance payment methods. As they provide huge convenience to the users, they can pay anytime anywhere without any trouble with such apps. So, ensure to use the most advanced payment methods on your websites so that you can diminish cart abandonments due to the conventional paying methods.

Special Deals

Why do customers shop from famous websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra? The only reason is they provide special deals as well as sales and delivery service to their customers. Whenever they feel their conversion rate is going down, they offer fantastic deals to their consumers like 50% Off, Big Sales on electronics, buy 2 get 1 Free, etc. Thus, make some special offers to allure new consumers.

Mobile-Friendly Version

Nowadays more and more people are using mobile phones for shopping, as it is quite portable and convenient to use. Moreover, around 68% of shopping is done via smartphones and tablets. If you want to surge up your website with huge traffic, use a mobile-friendly version on your website. It will boost your web traffic as well as conversion rate. Your website should be mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized too.

Customer Reviews

Nearly 82% of web visitors look at product reviews before buying it because it gives them an idea about the product quality and authenticity of the website. Therefore, use a customer review section on each product page. It will not only increase your sales but also get you to know about your weak point.

To Wrap Things Up

As we know a consumer is a king. If you want to improve your website just listen to your consumers and get feedback about your services. In this way, you'll come to know about your weak points and improve your website in a better way. Especially, as the increasing threat of cybercrime and payment fraud according to Merchant Savvy, you should definitely do something right now to protect your customers. Besides it, all the above-mentioned website features are the primary needs of all eCommerce.

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