Today, we're happy to announce that we have added Composer support for all Meta Box extensions. This feature has been long awaited. It's available now and you can start using Meta Box extensions as truly libraries for your plugins or websites (if you manage your website via Composer!).

The screenshot below demonstrates how to install Meta Box extensions via Composer.

Installing Meta Box extensions via Composer
Installing Meta Box extensions via Composer

Please follow the documentation to understand how to setup and use Composer for Meta Box extensions.

> We prepared an article on how to install Meta Box extensions from with Composer here.

Note that Composer support is available for users who have active license at If you don't have a license or it's expired, please get a new one or renew in the My Account page.

Finally, we'd want to give a big thank to DeliciousBrains on writing a very helpful (and detailed) guide to add support for Composer. Without this tutorial, we couldn't build a similar system for Meta Box.

If you find any problem while using Composer, please let us know in the support forum.

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