At the moment, each extension of the plugin Meta Box is provided separately. They acts like a small module that provides only one functionality for one purpose. While this approach is good for continuous development, users might not want that. Some users who purchased the Developer Bundle have suggested a AIO package that includes all the extension in a plugin. This way, they only need to install 1 plugin instead of 15, keeping the Plugins page clean and still have all the functionality.

Today, we're happy to announce that the Meta Box AIO is available for downloads. As it's an AIO package, it's available for users who purchased Developer/Lifetime Bundle only. Just log in to your profile page and you will find it at the top of the list:

Meta Box AIO download
Meta Box AIO download

The Meta Box AIO will be updated when an extension is updated. You still have the benefit of the auto-update feature. Also note that you don't need to install the Meta Box Updater extension anymore. This AIO extension already includes it inside.

At the moment, the Meta Box AIO simply a wrapper of all extensions (using this method). There's no fancy yet.

If you find any problem using Meta Box AIO, please let us know in the Support forum or via the Contact page.

2 thoughts on “Meta Box AIO is available

  1. With Aio package all modules are automatically activated or can I activate only the ones I need?

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