Such a great day for us when we've just came back to the office on the first working day after the biggest Vietnamese holiday and received this news. Today, we've got the number of 400,000+ active installations, counted by

Meta Box for custom fields reached 400,000 active installations
Meta Box reaches 400,000+ active installations

Honestly, we have been waiting for this day, when the number comes, for a while. Normally, we have been growing 100,000+ active installations per year. This number came late a little bit at this time, about 1 month. But it still is a piece of great news when we reached our expectations.

We are so thankful to Meta Box's community who take a significant part to help us reach this number. We also hope you will support and always be us in the next days. Let's be with us also to welcome the number of 500,000+ in 2019.

You may know that our community almost are developers, teams, or agencies who build a lot of websites. Our number of installations depends on the number of projects they have.

So, we wish you will have more and successive projects. It's our honor to be your fellow in all those projects.

One more point, as our Vietnamese conception that a new beginning comes when a lunar new year comes. If you are lucky at the beginning of the year, you will be lucky for a whole year. That's why we are sure of a successful year in 2019 for Meta Box as well as for all of you with plenty of worthy projects. Because your success is our success!

Your success is our success!

Happy lunar new year! Happy our great new year!

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