The latest stable version of Meta Box is now available for download and update from This minor version has a big improvement for file and image upload field, which makes them now cloneable. It also adds new styles for cloning fields and various improvements for code quality.


Rewrite file_advanced and image_advanced fields

The biggest change in this version of Meta Box is the completed rewrite of file_advanced and image_advanced fields. These fields are now sharing the same code base (99% are the same) which reduce the duplicated code and duplicated logic a lot. But the most important thing in this rewrite is these fields now are cloneable which make them act consistently like other fields.

There will be no changes in the appearance, so users won’t notice the change. All the things are handed automatically in the background.

Also there’s one note: for being cloneable, these fields lost their auto save ability, which means to save the selected (or uploaded) files/images, you have to click Publish button. This is not a big deal, because all other fields are saved in the same way.

Better way to translate and update language packs

The second big change in this version is Meta Box is fully migrated to, which lets us to translate the plugin in an easy way. The plugin now uses the auto update mechanism of WordPress to update language packs.

If you want to contribute translations to the plugin, please go to this URL:

Find your language and add translations for the plugin. These translations will be validated by validators of your language. Once the translation is completed 100%, it will be delivered to all WordPress websites in Dashboard | Updates.

If you want to be the validator of your language, please leave comment here or contact me.

Improve styles for clone

Cloned fields now have better icons and styling. This new version also fixes some incompatibility with color and date fields.

Other improvements

  • Add “pattern” attribute to “url” field.
  • Separate validation into 1 class
  • Improve the code quality of the plugin, make it more structural, more modular.


There are not many fixes in this update:

  • Missing “checked” when clone radio.
  • Wrong language name for Dutch.
  • oembed field doesn’t render preview if provider is added via wp_embed_register_handler().

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