At, we use FastSpring as our main payment processor. It supports paying via both credit cards and Paypal. It's simple, intuitive and works pretty well for us over the years.

However, some of you might have problem paying with credit card or Paypal. And this page will help you resolve these problems.

Which email should I put into the email field?

This email is used in your account as the username. You will also receive download files via this email.

If you're already logged in, your account email is automatically filled. Using a different email will cause the system create 2 different accounts.

What if I enter a wrong email?

Please contact us to change your account email.

My credit card is not accepted

There are various reasons to this problem, please see the following:

1. Browser error

Your browser is interacting with our payment form in a weird way.

Solution: Please try the purchase again in a different browser. If you use an ads block extension for Chrome or Firefox, please disable it and try again.

2. The credit card provider is blocking the purchase

Sometimes a bank or provider will flag transactions that happen online (usually for small amounts).

Solution: Please contact your bank/provider and let them know what's happening. The card provider will be able to "whitelist" FastSpring.

I don't have a credit card

No problem, please switch to Paypal in the payment popup. We do support buying via Paypal.

If you have any other problems, please contact us.