A couple of days ago, Meta Box released a brand new free extension: MB Rank Math Integration and received great attention from the Meta Boxer and Rank Math communities. The integration between Meta Box and Rank Math helps you to add custom fields’ value generated by Meta Box to Rank Math's SEO analysis. As a result, you will know more exactly about how your website and posts are optimized for SEO.

Using this integration is also very simple. Just follow the instructions below to add the content from custom fields to the content analysis of Rank Math.

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Install Needed Plugins

First thing first, make sure that you installed and activated Meta Box and Rank Math.

You can install Meta Box directly from wordpress.org or download it from metabox.io.

If you’re using Meta Box AIO, just head to Meta Box > Extension and tick to MB Rank Math integration then click Save Changes. But don’t forget to update Meta Box AIO before that so you can have this extension.

find the MB Rank Math on the list and check the box to enable it.

Now, when you go to a post or page, the content in the custom fields hasn’t been added in the Rank Math content analysis yet.

the content in the custom fields hasn’t been added in the Rank Math content analysis yet.

To analyze the content in the custom fields, follow this tutorial.

Add Custom Fields’ Content to Rank Math SEO Analysis

Before we start, I would like to remind you that MB Rank Math supports just the Text, Textarea, and Wysiwyg fields from Meta Box. Besides, it also supports cloneable fields (or repeated fields).

Method 1: Configure Custom Fields Using Meta Box Builder

If you use Meta Box Builder - a premium extension of Meta Box - to create custom fields, the configuration is extremely quick and simple.

Visit Meta Box > Custom Fields and go to the field group you want.

Go to Custom Fields submenu to find the field you want Rank Math to analyze its content for SEO

Now, open the field that you want Rank Math to analyze its SEO content. Then, move to the Advanced tab and add new Custom settings like this:

Add Custom Settings to custom fields

Type rank_math_analysis and true as I did.

Finally, click Update or Save.

Method 2: Configure in the setting file of the field

In case that you don’t use Meta Box Builder and just create fields manually with code, add this to the settings of the field you want:

'rank_math_analysis' => true

See the Results in Rank Math SEO Analysis

After following all the instructions, you can see the content of the field displayed in the Rank Math SEO Analysis. For example, Rank Math analyzes my content in the description field and displays the information about length, focus keyword, …

Rank Math analyzes my content in the description field

The rest of your work now is writing SEO-optimized content.

Final Words

By default, the custom fields’ value is often not added to the content analysis section of an SEO plugin. Meanwhile, this kind of content is also evaluated and ranked by Google. Therefore, it’s important for webmasters, SEOers, and writers to make these content SEO-optimized.

With MB Rank Math integration, users of both plugins will now save a lot of time and effort to optimize website content for SEO. If you use Yoast SEO, Meta Box already has a similar integration named Meta Box for Yoast SEO. It also helps you to add custom field content to Yoast SEO analysis.

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