A while back I got an email from Jackie and I just had to share it with you.

I hear stories like this a lot from WordPress developers trying desperately to building custom meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress. But this one really hit home because you can feel the pain:

“Every time I create custom fields for WordPress, I get mad. It cost me a few hours, even a few days. The code is repeated many times.”

Hurts to read. Doesn’t it?

But when he invested in Meta Box’s premium extensions look at how things changed:

“Now it only takes me less than an hour to even take a few minutes. You’ve saved my life.”

I love getting success stories like this.

Which is why I’m so excited to give you a big discount on the Meta Box’s premium extensions for a very limited time.

Click here for the details:

➡️  https://goo.gl/eKYnQn

Now I’ve mentioned it before but I want to be clear…

This promotion will END.


So get on over to the page with the details and make sure you take action now.

➡️  https://goo.gl/eKYnQn

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